The Best Apps for Making Funny or Memes Videos 2022

Download the best app for making funny or memes videos

Make your own funny videos to share on social media with these free Android apps. 

In this blog I will tell you about Best video editor for Memes Android, Best app to make memes free, funny video making & Meme editing app.

Memes and parodies are an integral part of today's social media. Mims can be very useful to express any topic very simply. Be it having fun with friends or making funny videos for social media, apps are needed in all cases. In this post you can learn about funny apps for making funny videos.


Madlipz has managed to create a new community of meme creators due to the unique idea of ​​the app. The app is a social media platform for memes and parodies.

The main features of the app are limited to dubbing and lip syncing to popular video content. Create custom videos by choosing content from the app's huge video snippet library. After selecting your favorite video, you can add your own voice to the scene.

The lip-syncing feature of the Madlipz app is pretty awesome. Each word can be matched to the video through the app so that your dialogue matches the video. From Mr. Bean to Lion King, numerous content can be lip-synced through the app.

After creating memes or parodies, they can be shared within the app. Besides, if you want, you can download the video and share it through any medium. But don't expect engagement like Instagram and Facebook from this app. Click here to download Madlipz.

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Wombo is an AI-powered picture-morphing and lip-seeking tool. It is quite easy to use. With a selfie, the face in the selfie can be used in numerous pictures, there are many popular songs that can be auto lip-synced to. That is, after taking a selfie in the app, your job is to select the song you like, then the photo you take will automatically turn into a video in combination with the song. That is, in this app, your face is not being placed on the face of a celebrity, but the picture you provided will be animated. Any image can be animated with songs in the library through the app. Click here to download Wombo app.


Many people will already be familiar with the FaceApp app. The app is currently very popular on social media platforms. The app can be a goldmine for meme creators, especially if they know how to use it.

Facebook's popularity grew with the feature of seeing older faces of users. But the feature of the app does not end here. If you want, you can provide a picture and make the person in the picture into a child, adult, etc. That is, using the app, there are many types of fun editing facilities.

The best thing about Facebook is that it is incredibly accurate. That is, FaceApp does not generate random images like other apps, but the app uses AI to create real images due to which the results obtained from it are quite extraordinary.

FaceApp is providing various manipulation features in video as well as photos. For example, you can put your friend on a golf course, etc. The results obtained from the app can be edited by the video editor to make very interesting videos. Click here to download FaceApp.


The Reface app can be called an all-in-one meme-making tool. Although the app is mainly popular for its face swap feature, it can also be used to create amazing memes. Like the Madlipz app, this app can add voice to popular video clips.

Simple selfies can be animated through Reface app's “Animate Face” feature. Again you can put any face from your photo in popular video. In addition, you can swap faces in the videos in your gallery as you wish. That is, the Reface app provides numerous possibilities for creating memes. Click here to download Reface app.

Which of the mentioned apps is your favorite app for making funny videos? Lest us know in the comment section.

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