Best 8 Platforms to Build Free Websites

There is no shortage of free website building services. However, many people will be overwhelmed with so many options when creating a free website. Again, if you create a website from any platform, there are doubts about its stability.

We have found out the best 8 free website building platforms, through which anyone can easily create a website for a need or hobby. This article highlights the pros and cons of each free website builder so that you can make an informed decision. Let's know about 8 amazing free website building platforms.



When it comes to free websites, the platform that comes out on top is Wix. Wix is ​​currently the best website builder for creating free websites.

Wix's website builder has a drag-and-drop editor so anyone can design eye-catching websites without coding knowledge. In addition to the numerous features, the user has complete creative freedom in building a website using Wix.

It is possible to design any kind of website in Wix, in addition to this, there are numerous built-in templates, among which you can choose your favorite and edit it as you like. Any content on a website created by Wix can be changed in an instant with a simple click.

Creating a free website using Wix will display the Wix ad banner above the website heading. Also, the domains provided by Wix are a bit weird. Suppose your Wix username is Joy Dhar and your site name is BDJoy360, then your free website domain provided by Wix will look like this:

In addition, Wix's storage and bandwidth are only 500MB, so you should refrain as much as possible from adding more images or videos to the Free Wix website. Also due to low bandwidth, the site will not work even if more visitors come. There is no opportunity to sell any product on Free Wix website.



How popular WordPress is as a content management system in the world of the Internet can be understood by looking at its market share of more than 40%. And using the cut-down version of that software, WordPress lead contributor company "Automatic" has created an opportunity to create a website for free.

Want to blog for free or build another site? Want to maintain the beauty of the site as well? Then WordPress Free Website Builder can be an ideal solution for you. Free WordPress doesn't have a lot of freedom in website design, but WordPress makes up for it with some powerful tools.

Free WordPress website comes with 3GB storage. These free WordPress websites display WordPress ads that say “Create a free website or blog at” which is much better than the other website builders on this list.

Blogging on a WordPress free website is very easy thanks to its blogging tool. Free WordPress websites have domain links ending in That is, for a website called example, your website's domain will be:


Weebly or Webly can be said to be a worthy competitor of Wix. Weebly's free domain is much better than Wix's free website domain. If you create a free website called Nice Food using Weebly, your free Weebly website domain will be

Like Wix, Weebly Web Builder also has a drag-and-drop editor. However, as Weebly is beginner-friendly, there is not much freedom like Wix in terms of website design. However, the Free Weebly site has 50 design templates, from which one can start the website design work.

In the lower-left corner of the Free, Weebly website is written “Powered by Weebly”, which is basically an advertisement for Weebly on the free website. There are also restrictions on website storage. 500MB storage is available on the Free Weebly website.


Blogger is Google's ultimate free website builder. Any type of website can be created using Blogger for free. But since Blogger is basically blogging focused, Blogging only gives good benefits on Blogger or Blogspot site.

Blogger's biggest obstacle as website builders in 2021 is their designing tools. While there are some in-built themes for blogger websites, customizing them by applying third-party themes is quite a hassle. But only blogging should not be a problem in this matter.

One thing that Blogger can blow away other websites on this list is its storage. Free Blogger website comes with unlimited storage (for images under 2048p and video clips under 15 minutes), so you never have to worry about your website storage being full. Also, no ads are shown on the blogger site on behalf of the blogger.

Another advantage of Blogger is that websites made with Blogger load much faster. A free website opens with a blogger domain ends with That is, if BDJoy360 is the name of your blogger website, then your blogger site name will be 

Google Sites

Many people confuse Google Sites and Blogger together. Google Sites and Blogger are actually two different services of Google. Designing a website with Google Sites is so easy that even a child can create a website using Google Sites for free. 

The data of Google sites is stored in the free 15GB storage provided by Google. Google Sites can be very useful to create a simple-looking but effective website in a short period.

Google sites do not display any kind of ads, which is definitely a positive aspect. If you're short on time and don't need a lot of custom stuff, Google Sites can be your go-to free website builder.


As the name suggests, Site123's website builder is very simple. Basically, Site123 is the ideal solution for those who want to easily create a simple and beautiful-looking free website. But if you are interested in customizing website design, then Site123 is not for you.

Although Site123's free website has a few pre-made templates, anyone can easily create a website using Site123. Even at the time of opening the website site123 gives a winning suggestion of font and color for the website.

The biggest problem with Site123 is its free domain. There is no possibility to customize the domain provided by Site123 for free. As a result, even if your website name is something nice like Car's Heaven, the site123 free domain will be something like, which is a bit disappointing.


If you don't have the time to spend on website design, then Webnode may be your first choice for starting a free website. But for those who like to tinker with the design, Webnode may disappoint them.

Only 100MB of free storage is available with free Webnode websites. Free websites created by Webnode have free domains ending in That is, if the example is the name of your website, then the domain of the website will be something like:


simple site
Creating a website using Simple Site Web Builder is so easy that websites can be made even from a mobile. While there aren't any mind-blowing features, Simple Site is basically a fantastic website builder.

The main attraction of Simple Site is its mobile editor, through which complete website design is possible from mobile. It also provides a guided tour through the beginning of website design without entering the editor directly, which makes using SimpleSite's web builder much easier.

A maximum of 15 pages can be added to SimpleSite's free website. Also, a banner is shown below the website as a small simple site branding. SimpleSite's free domain ends in There is also an opportunity to sell up to 5 products on the Free Simple Site website.


What is your favorite free website opening platform? Let us know in the comment section.

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