Add me to google search: How Can Create People Card

Add me to search: Create your personal brand with Google People Cards  In 2022

Add me to google search: How Can Create People Card
Google People Card

How can I add my name to Google searches? I'm pretty sure it'll happen with Google. If I want to add myself into a search box, then you have a Google search box and if you do that you will have a personal search card. It will show when someone searches for your name in Google's results. It has countless benefits. Besides a full service SEO service in India - EZ Rankings a professional SEO firm provides you with excellent support for your branding.

5 Steps to Complete Your Google Virtual People Card

  1. 1st you go to or your google search app and Search “Add me to Google Search” On Google.
  2. Find your search result and click Get started
  3. Fill out your info that you want to share on your google people cardThese fields are required: 

    • Summary 
    • Profession

  1. Click the Preview then check your all information.
  2. Finally, if you are satisfied your google people card, click Submit.

Note: Google doesn’t guarantee that your card will show up on Google Search. The more info you provide on your card, the more likely it will show up in Google Search results.

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