Most Interesting features added in Google Chrome 104 update

Most Interesting features added in Google Chrome 104 update.
Google Chrome update number 104 was released on August 2. Added features in terms of page loading experience, screen sharing tool, Chromebook UI etc.

The site has been tested for faster page loading. This test is named 'LazyEmbeds'. Now the website loads through 'Lazy Loading' system. This means that the content will not load until it is visible.

Captured videos can now be sequenced in Google Chrome. This is called the 'Region Capture' feature. With this feature you can share or record a specific part of the video.

Google has brought some changes to its Chrome operating system interface. The app launcher now looks like the Windows Start menu. You will see an option called Productivity Launcher in the corner of the screen, similar to the Windows Start menu. Google search bar and Assistant Shortcut features are included here. Improvements have been made here from the old launcher.

Chromebooks already include dark and light theme features. But currently it is kept with auto-termination functionality. Night and day theme can be changed automatically.
Google has introduced a new calendar widget to its system. After you tap on the date option on the left, the beautiful and large calendar widget will float to the front. Some changes have been made in the design of the notification.

Option to save credit card data for easy online shopping later. In addition to the permission policy, you can now control the web bluetooth.

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