What to look for before buying a new smartphone : Top 12 things to consider before buying a new smartphones

What to look for before buying a new smartphone: Top 12 things to consider before buying a new smartphone.

When you want a new phone, these are the most important details to keep in mind. What to look for before buying a new smartphone.

At this time of the digital revolution, the demand for smartphones is constantly increasing. And to meet this demand, smartphone manufacturers are constantly coming up with new feature-rich phones. If you raise your hand, you can see the desired smartphone. However, due to the easy availability of smartphones, the number of fake phones is not less. Today's event is about the things to keep in mind before buying a smartphone.

The beauty of the screen :

How the screen looks is always important. Because it is very easy to distinguish between real and fake phones. The screen of the original phone is bright and fresh. If the screen is dirty, 80 percent sure, this is a fake phone.

Build quality :

Build is about sturdiness of a Smartphones. The whole handset market is to a great extent separated in two kinds of fabricates - - metal and plastic.

Counterfeit looks as cheap and confusing as counterfeit. So it is not advisable to ignore the external beauty of the phone i.e. premium build-in-quality.

There are some that even have glass-covered boards, however those are exceptionally restricted. On the off chance that you are one of those inclined to dropping your cell phone, it's fitting to go for a metal or a plastic fabricated handset.

These can support drops from 2-3 feet, while glass-based handset make certain to break.

Logo :

Another notable thing is the logo. If after buying the phone you see the logo is vague and uneven, then you have bought something wrong.

Display :

The size and resolution of display depends on how you use your smartphone. If you often stream videos, edit photos or videos, or download and view movies, then a smartphone display ranging from 5.5-inch to 6-inch, full-HD or QHD resolution should be good enough for you.

Anything bigger than a 6-inch show makes the handset extra massive, yet additionally challenging to haul around. In the event that you are a customary client and to a great extent utilize the cell phone for browsing messages, visiting and perusing virtual entertainment applications, then anything from 5-inch to 5.5-inch HD or full-HD show handsets is awesome.

Battery :

The battery utilization varies from one client to another relying upon the way he/she utilizes the smarphone. On the off chance that you are a weighty client and work on applications, mess around, transfer recordings and all the more then go for a smartphone with no less than 3500mAh battery or above. In the event that you are a normal or light client, a handset with 3000mAh battery would be sufficient to run for an entire day.

Processor :

The processing power of a smartphone varies from one device to another depending on several factors such as OS version, UI, bloatware and more.

In the event that you are a weighty client who need to alter pictures/recordings/reports on the web, play weighty games, transfer recordings or frequently use applications in split screen mode, then smartphones with Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 or Snapdragon 820/821 ought to make performing various tasks liquid for you.

Light clients will be content with handsets that accompany MediaTek processors.

Camera position :

The position of the camera, phone buttons and even the logo sometimes gives an idea about the real and fake phone. These are set in such a position on any real Android phone. So that everyone has a continuity with each other.

Boot into factory reset mode :

Turn off the phone, hold down the Power On + Home + Volume Up keys for a few seconds simultaneously for a few seconds. If it is an original Android phone, the recovery menu will appear. Otherwise, it will show various other options or show nothing.

The structure of the screen :

The screen is always important. Not only the display, but also the structure of the screen is improved on the original Android phone. If you put your finger on it and it feels more like plastic than glass, then understand that the device is made of cheap glass material. Such a smartphone may not be real.

UI/OS version :

User Interface and OS version also are key variables to consider while picking a smartphone. These are the connection points that one would need to collaborate with each chance to get to anything, so it ought to be simple and basic.

For the most essential and unadulterated Android experience you can purchase Motorola handsets, Nexus/Pixel smartphones or even Android One gadgets. Anyway various connection points like ZenUI, Xperia UI, Samsung TouchWiz, EMUI and others offer more clever highlights to sort applications and more choices in styles the organization figures clients would see as more cordial.

Nonetheless, smartphones by OEMs additionally accompany bloatware and certain applications that you presumably won't utilize ever. In this way, we prescribe attempting the handset before you pick one.

Phone Features :

Check the phone manual. See what features are mentioned there. Then see if it has all the features on your Android phone. Check the phone's official website to see if the latest original phone has the same specifications.

Storage :

An enormous piece of the smartphone stockpiling is detracted from the OS and the applications the gadget comes pre-introduced with.

A 16GB/32GB/64GB or more doesn't exactly accompany definite referenced space. Assuming that you like to keep less number of applications on your gadgets, you can go for 32GB capacity.

Clients who like to keep a bigger number of applications can go for 64GB or 128GB variations. You can likewise purchase a 16GB model that upholds microSD card too.


  •  If a phone is much cheaper than any other place, it should be avoided. Such phones are more likely to be counterfeit.
  • You have to buy the phone from the approved showroom or dealer.
  • You have to collect the warranty paper because if it is not the original phone, the warranty paper will not be given.

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