Google Gmail can now be used without an internet connection or Gmail Offline

Google Gmail can now be used without an internet connection.

You can now use google's mail without internet or Gmail Offline. Gmail is one of the most popular mailing services in the world. A report last year found that 1.7 billion people worldwide use Gmail for work and personal use. Keeping in mind the popularity, this time Google's e-mail service provider Gmail has brought good news for the customers. Customers can now use Gmail even if they are not connected to the Internet.

Since its inception in 1994, the use of Microsoft's Yahoo Mail service has been at an all-time high for personal or work needs. Although Yahoo Mail dominates, Google's Gmail has been at the top of popularity since its inception in 2004 due to its easy customer-friendliness.

Google's email client currently owns about 18 percent of the email client market share. Not only that, about 75% of the people in the world use Gmail services on their mobile devices all the time. Keeping in mind the popularity of Gmail, Google has announced the benefits of offline Gmail service.

According to a report by tech giant Mountain View in California, Gmail users can now read their mail messages even when they are not connected to the Internet. You can also send mail via Gmail without internet, or search for mail in the inbox. Adding this feature to Gmail will bring a groundbreaking change in the world of mail services. Mail services will benefit from low connectivity or Internet, especially in remote areas.

Activating this service is also very easy, users can mail or read offline with a few small settings.

★ First go to Google says offline mail will only work in Google Chrome. And only then will users browse in normal mode, not in hidden mode.

★ Now go to the inbox and click on the settings option, click on all settings. When you open a new page, you have to click on the offline tab.

★ Now you have to click on the Enable Offline Mail option in the check box. Gmail will then open a new settings option.

Then in case of offline use with Gmail, you have to select how many days you want to see the e-mail.

Google will now show the amount of space on the computer. Also keep data offline on the computer. Or the option to delete all offline data from the computer.

After selecting the option above, you have to click on the Save Changes option. After that, the offline Gmail service will start on the computer immediately. Let us know in the comment box if you received Gmail offline.

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