Gmail is changing – coming in a new Feature/Interface

Gmail is changing – coming in a new Feature/Interface

Gmail's new interface has been talked about for a long time. Gmail's new interface is finally coming for all users. With this redesign, Meet, Chat and Spaces, these features have moved to the same place. These are basically part of Google's Material Design 3.

The news of the update does not end here. Google also said that new features, improved emoji support, more accessibility features and other upgrades are coming to Gmail for tablet users. In other words, some more changes and new features can be expected in Gmail very soon.

If you use Gmail at work, the new interface should have already arrived in your account. But if a user does not like this new change, then there is an opportunity to use the previous interface for now.

The new feature will be activated even if the Chat feature is not enabled. However, if you don't use any app in Gmail's default view, you can turn it on or off through the Quick Settings menu.

Gmail's new user interface

If you don't like Gmail's new interface and want to go back to using the previous interface, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into Gmail and select the Settings icon at the top right.
  2. Select Go back to the original Gmail view option from Quick Settings.
  3. Click on Reload option in the new window.

In the updated Gmail user interface, Mail, Meet, Spaces and Chat buttons have been brought to the same list at the top left. That is, you don't have to select one by one from the conversation list as before. But apart from seeing everything on the screen at the same time, there are options for easy access. You can quickly jump from any section to a conversation in the new interface.

Google is improving Gmail's search results feature to make it easier to find a specific contact. Google said in a blog post that the new "personalized suggestions" feature is coming along with intent matching for names and email addresses.

A machine learning tool will help users find topics related to their search through the intent matching feature. This feature will help the user find the contact, email or file they are looking for by narrowing down the search results.

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