Did you know big change coming on Facebook Apps

Did you know about the big changes to the Facebook app? Big changes to the Facebook app that everyone needs to know.

Did you know big change coming on Facebook Apps.

Big changes have come to the Facebook app, our familiar news feed will change. Facebook's iOS and Android app's Facebook feed is divided into two parts.

After entering the Facebook app, you will now see the new Home tab, where you will see Reels, Stories and other personalized algorithm-based content. A Feeds tab is kept separately where you can see the posts from sources such as friends, pages, groups, etc. Suggest For You posts are also missing from the Feeds tab. All Facebook users globally will see this change in the next few weeks.

In the same post announcing the new feature, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that one of Facebook's most requested features is for users to not miss their friends' posts. So today we're launching a new Feeds tab where you can see posts from friends, groups, pages and other sources in chronological order.

The app will have a personalized Home tab where Facebook's AI-based discovery engine will deliver important posts to you. On the other hand, the Feeds tab gives you the opportunity to customize and give you more control over the experience.

Through this, you can opt out of seeing posts outside your friends list and your own community. Facebook is getting more benefits due to this change. By having a separate feed, Meta will gain control over their own platforms like TikTok. Technical experts think that this new default Home tab will show the best posts like TikTok's home feed.

It is good to say that the Home tab will show the posts of Facebook friends or followed pages or groups, but these posts will be selected by the machine learning ranking system. However, Meta is going to keep the new Home tab as the default tab. As a result, you will see the posts selected by Facebook's algorithm by opening the Facebook app. You can then click on the Feeds tab to see your own community posts. Still, since an option is open to you, it's not bad either!

BONUS 👉 META is working with one's 5 profile feature on Facebook.

Basically, Facebook is trying its best to stay ahead of the competition with TikTok. Meanwhile, the popular social media platform's daily user count has dropped for the first time. However, Meta has benefited from various steps taken by Facebook. Basically, Meta is trying to make users spend maximum time on Instagram or Facebook, excluding other platforms like TikTok.

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