How to Earn Money with Mobile | Top 13 way to Earn Money by Mobile

How to earn money with mobile | Top 13 ways to earn money by mobile

Want to earn money online with mobile? In that case, follow this mobile earning guide. This post discusses ways to earn money on mobile and how to earn money on mobile. You can try these methods at your own risk.

What is the way to earn money with mobile?

There are multiple ways to earn money with mobile. If you have a phone and internet connection, then you can start earning money with mobile. Ways to earn money with mobile are:

  • Creates YouTube videos
  • Earn money by blogging
  • Earn money by freelancing
  • Sell photographs or videos
  • Earn money from Online Tuition
  • Earn money from Facebook E-Commerce
  • Earn money from reselling business
  • Earn money from Instagram
  • Earn money from the micro work site
  • Earn money from the investment site
  • Earn money through delivery service
  • Earn money by driving
  • With apps to earn money

1• Earn money by making YouTube videos in mobile :

The smartphone in your hand is powerful enough. From video recording to video editing and uploading, the entire process can be done on a mobile phone. It is possible to earn money by making videos on mobile and uploading them to YouTube by joining the Google AdSense program. Besides, if you get a large number of subscribers, you can earn money by doing sponsored videos.

Wondering what to make a YouTube video about? Currently, YouTube has demand and viewers for all types of video content. By selecting a specific topic and making a video on that topic on mobile, anyone can earn through YouTube on mobile.

This process of adding Google Adsense to YouTube channels is known as YouTube Monetization. Monetize a YouTube channel requires:

  • Total 1000 subscribers 
  • 4 thousand hours of watch time in the last 365 days

Earning from YouTube starts only when the mentioned two conditions are fulfilled. As I said earlier, if your channel starts to grow a bit, you can earn from YouTube monetization as well as various sponsorships. Also, there are more ways of income through affiliate marketing.

2. Earn money by blogging in mobile:

The demand for online writing is increasing day by day. Keeping that in mind, you can open a blog using your mobile phone. Income will start only if you get Google AdSense approval on your blog.

To start blogging, first setup your blogging site using WordPress, Blogger or any other blogging website. Then gradually post content and apply for Google Adsense if the blog has enough quality content. Once Google AdSense is approved, you can earn by displaying ads on your blog. There are also income opportunities through sponsored posts and affiliate postings on blogs.

It should be noted that, in the case of earning through mobile blogging, the domain and hosting of the blog will cost some money first. If you are unable to afford this cost, you can write for money on other blogs.

3. Earn money by freelancing with mobile:

Freelancing is not just a fixed job. Earning money by working independently using your own skills without being under an organization is called freelancing. Freelancers earn a lot of money through mobile on various freelancing sites.

If you also want to earn money by freelancing with mobile, then you will need to have a skill. As a freelancer you can do one or more tasks. Popular freelancing jobs that can be done with mobile are:

  • Content writing
  • translation
  • Copywriting
  • Blog commenting
  • Forum posting
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Proofreading
  • Product Description Writing
  • Transcription, etc

4. Earn money with mobile by selling photos and videos:

If your phone is capable of capturing good photos and you have an idea about photography, you can earn money by selling photos or videos taken with your mobile phone.

Maybe photography is your hobby. By using this hobby you can also earn money with mobile. There are numerous websites for selling photos and videos. Some of the popular websites or services for selling such mobile photography are:

Apart from stock images, almost all types of images are bought and sold on these sites. No matter what kind of photos you take, it is possible to earn money by selling mobile photos on these sites.

5. Earn money with mobile by doing online tuition:

Online learning is gaining importance due to the availability of internet. If you are good at something, you can earn by teaching others about it online through mobile.

Along with online tuition, you can create various courses, which can also be sold to generate income. You can also earn by working as a consultant on the subject you are good at.

Suppose you understand digital marketing well. In that case you have multiple income avenues open to you, that too with mobile. Firstly you can earn with digital marketing services through freelancing. Then you can also earn by teaching others digital marketing online.

6. Earn money with mobile by facebook :

6.1 Facebook e-commerce:

Earlier starting a business was a long process. However, it is possible to start any kind of online business or e-commerce from home by using Facebook. Facebook has many users in the country. Every user can become your customer in e-commerce business.

To start an e-commerce business using Facebook you need to invest to buy some products. Then add the product to the catalog of your Facebook e-commerce page and share it in the places where sales can come from. If users are willing, it won't take long for your product to sell.

Currently, due to the increase in popularity of online shopping, the rate of purchase of products from Facebook online shop pages has increased tremendously. Keeping this supply demand in mind, you can also earn money by starting an online business with mobile.

6.2• Earn money with mobile by facebook monetization:

Like YouTube, Facebook also has monetization facilities. It is possible to monetize the Facebook page and earn from the videos posted on the page. To monetize Facebook page, you need:

600,000 minutes of watch time in the last 60 days

Minimum of 5 active Facebook videos
10 thousand page followers.

You can also create the same content for Facebook and YouTube and upload it to both platforms. In that case, the probability of success is high.

There are multiple models of income from Facebook, such as in-stream ads, fan subscriptions, branded content and subscription groups. Since video sharing on Facebook is very easy to make viral, Facebook page monetization is relatively easy if given time.

7. Earn money with mobile by reselling business:

Reselling business is termed as the least risky business. Suppose you bought a dozen pens at Rs 50 and sold them at Rs 65. The additional price that you will sell, that is your profit. This is basically the reselling business model.

You can open an online shop and list products. Then whenever you get an order, you will buy the product at a low price and deliver it to the customer. The advantage of reselling business is that you don't have to spend any money on storing the product. You can do this business from home using only phone.

8. Earn money from Instagram with mobile:

Instagram is not only a photo or video sharing platform but it is also possible to earn from it. There are multiple ways to earn from Instagram. To create a profitable profile on Instagram:

Create an attractive profile bio

Post regularly on specific topics
Maintain the quality of the post
Connect with other similar profiles
Establish engagement with followers

You need a mobile and internet connection to earn money from Instagram. Some ways to earn money from Instagram with mobile are:

  • Promotes other accounts in exchange of money
  • By sponsored posts
  • By affiliate marketing
  • Sell ​​your own products, etc

Like any other platform, there is a huge demand for content on Instagram. If you can supply this on-demand content, your Instagram profile will become popular and monetized in no time.

9. Earn money with mobile from microwork site:

Some sites pay for simple tasks like sharing posts, watching videos, commenting, installing apps, etc. These sites are called microwork sites. The advantage of these sites is that anyone can earn from these sites with any device even mobile. Some popular microwork sites are:

10. Income through mobile from investment or trading sites:

We all know that the bank pays interest in return for depositing money. But to get a significant amount of money from the bank requires a huge sum of money. Besides, many people dislike interest. Investment sites can currently offer you profits in return for investing money.

Although there are many investment sites, many investment sites hide the possibility of fraud. So before investing any amount of money in any investment site make sure that the site is scam or really works.

11. Earn money with mobile through delivery service:

With the growing popularity of online shopping marketplaces in Bangladesh, the need for manpower to provide delivery services is increasing. If you have a bicycle or a bike and a smartphone handy, you can join food delivery services like Foodpanda, Sahaj Food. You can do this delivery service part-time or full-time, any way you want.

12. Earn money with mobile while driving:

Recently ride sharing services in the country have brought great improvement in the communication system. If you have a ride sharing vehicle and a smartphone, you can start earning now.

Part-time work can also be done in ride sharing services like Pathao, Uber. If you are looking for a different source of income, you can earn from mobile by driving on ride sharing services.

13. Apps to earn money with mobile:

Although there are many apps to earn money with mobile, very few apps can earn money. Although it is not possible to earn a significant amount of money from these apps, it is possible to withdraw cash. Some notable apps to earn money with mobile:

13.1  Pocket Money: In this app you can earn money by playing various games, completing surveys and participating in contests. Also, even if you refer others to the app, there is a bonus of up to 160 taka. Money can be withdrawn through mobile recharge.

13.2 Poll Pay: This app basically pays for user opinions on various topics. This is an opinion and answer rewards app. Earned credits can be redeemed as gift cards for Google Play, Netflix, Amazon, Xbox etc. You can use or sell this gift card if you want.

13.3 Google Opinion Reward: This app is very popular for earning money through mobile. The app basically gives Google Play Credits for completing various surveys.


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