META is working with one's 5 profile feature on Facebook

Meta is working on one's 5 profile features on Facebook

Five profile features on Facebook

5 profiles of one person on Facebook :

Facebook authorities are working on the feature of adding 5 different profiles to a Facebook account. This feature will provide an opportunity to create separate profiles for specific communities. For example, a separate profile for friends and a separate profile for work. Facebook is testing this feature, users who get this feature will be able to switch between multiple profiles with a few taps.

Facebook said that it is working on the feature of using multiple user profiles on the same Facebook account to create experiences based on users' interests and relationships. Different profile names don't have to be real names, users can set different names and usernames for different profiles. However, it is said that the original profile name should be kept in the user's own name.

Along with that, Facebook has informed in simple language that separate profiles should be used following Facebook's policy. Action will be taken against misrepresentation or impersonation. Facebook expects to do its utmost to ensure that no one can abuse the multiple profile feature on the platform. It is known that breaking any kind of rule can lead to the removal of separate profiles as well as the main account.

These separate profiles will be included in the original Facebook account, meaning there will be no change in daily or monthly user statistics, Facebook officials said.

Facebook has always banned the use of multiple accounts, and this multiple-profile feature is finally going to solve that problem. The main objective of this test is to encourage users to post and share more content while increasing engagement on the platform.

This test further confirms that Facebook doesn't want to limit itself to a platform for sharing updates with friends and family. Users will get the opportunity to customize the experience of using Facebook at their own convenience through the additional profile feature.

Facebook provides a great example of using this new feature. Let's say you're a design lover, so a separate profile can come in handy to stay updated with your favorite brands and connect with people with similar interests.

Suppose you also like sports, so you create a separate profile to follow sports-related content and connect with other like-minded Facebook users. That is, this additional profile feature of Facebook will come in handy in many situations.

It is worth mentioning that Facebook is competing fiercely with other platforms, especially TikTok. These new features of Facebook can be used to stay ahead of the competition with other platforms. In February 2021, the number of users on Facebook decreased for the first time.

This additional profile feature for Facebook accounts is currently being tested with select users. The feature is expected to be rolled out to all users soon after the positive results of the testing period.

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