How to Get Free 12-24 GB RDP by BDJoy360

HOW TO GET (12-24GB) RDP | cloud storage 

How to Get Free 12-24 GB RDP by BDJoy360!

Let's Get Started :

Go to the site and select a Cloud Machine with 12-24 GB RAM and then click Star Free Trial.

Make an account and stuff like that to make sure the country is the USA.  Now use a fake USA address, postal code, and Shit XD (but valid, not like 11111 postal code).

Then Go to new Instances. Select Windows instances if you want windows or Cloud. If you want Linux instances for then select UNBUNTO.

Continue with the order and make sure It's in BTC type others can ask you to pay $1 or something. But if you want to use another like XD, IDK or Something. It totally depends on you.

Now once the Machine is showing in your console. You will have to reply to their Msgs which is the Hardest part.

Tip for Questions

Make sure it relates to something important that Happens on RDPS like the server making a new company and you need a lot of RDPS for them all.

Once they say you are good. They will ask you to do some stuff, like make a pass on it. They will guide you on this. If they ask you, if you know how to do it or not? Now you just say that stuff isn’t needed on other services and it’s kinda hard. So, can they do it for you? Don't say anything else or wrong wording otherwise they might BAN you.

Once the RDP is on try not to do anything heavy. The first day "just set it up and then use it that's what I recommend.

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